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Happy Singles Awareness Day {

I never celebrate Valentine's Day. I wear black and tell my family I love them, but that's about it. I am NOT a romantic. I love LOVE, but sappy romantic stuff makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Lucky for me, BF had to work on Valentine's Day... However he had President's Day off, and he IS a Sappy Romantic {gag}. A few weeks ago he mentioned seeing the movie Valentine's Day, and this is how our phone conversation went this morning:

BF: "...So, why don't you look up some movie times, and then we can go to dinner either before or after that?"
Me: "Sure, what do you want to see?"
BF: "I thought we were going to see that Valentine's movie..."
Me: "OK... but what do YOU want to see?"
BF: "I don't know, like Wolfman, or that John Travolta movie... "'Roy-al with Cheese'."
Me: "So you don't want to see the Valentine's movie?"
BF: "Not really, but I know you do, and it's Valentine's Day..."
Me: "I don't want to see it, I thought you did. I think it looks awful! Thank goodness. Let's go see the Wolf movie!"


So to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day, BF and I went to see the Wolfman. So romantic! Not. I made a deal with him that if he bought dinner, I would pay for the movie and snacks... You see "Fatty" here was hungry. So, while watching people get ripped to shreds by Benecio del Torro, We snacked on Hot Dogs, a small popcorn, Butterfinger bites and a large Root Beer. Afterwards, we were still hungry, so we went to IHOP for dinner. I got my pancakes {I've been craving pancakes lately}, and BF got a Moons Over My Hammy. We had a long discussion on the annunciation of his dish; when he ordered he asked for a, "Moons Over Miami, please..." Being the annoying I-need-to-correct-everyone's-grammar person that I am, I had to explain that it's "MY HAMMY, because of the Ham on the sandwich... it's a play on words and is only fun if you order it correctly."

Anyway, we had a nice, low-key, anti-romantic evening... with gifts! He insisted on gift giving, so I obliged. However I did insist on no flowers, or stuffed animals... Chocolate was OK as long as it wasn't in a heart shaped box, or red wrapper.

BF is awesome! He gave me HAND MADE chocolate covered strawberries!! He dipped some in dark chocolate, some in milk chocolate, and some in white chocolate, and some in both milk and white chocolate. Then he topped some with a strawberry "glaze-drizzle" as he coined it, and he made 6 with milk chocolate topped with pistachios {I've eaten 3 bags of pistachios in the last month, I love them}! That was only part one. Part two was a gift card for a massage, and mani/pedi! Holy crap, he is the best, this is why I ♥ him.

These pics were taken today, the 15th... after I've eaten about 5 strawberries...

BF's gift was a little more on the "fun" side. He mentioned a while ago that he had recently tried gelato and loved it, and that he would like to learn to make it so he could create his own flavors. So... I bought him an Ice Cream Maker and a Gelato book. He LOVED it! The book is really informative, with the history of gelato, tables of fat:sugar ratios, etc. Cooking stuff is like a foreign language to me. The best part is that it has 45 recipes which are each customizable!

This weekend I went through the book and picked out the "prettiest" gelato pictures. I told him that I would like to be his taste-tester.

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  1. So, I agree... the over wrapped and sickly sweet crap on lover's holiday is a bit much HOWEVER I do love attention from my hubs and I love to know how he feels about me. Last year he gave me a list with 150 reasons why he loves me. I cried and laughed and laughed some more (we are a comic couple) This to me, is romantic. Homemade treats and thoughtful gestures. Even tho I do love flowers, they bring life to a room, he only sends them on occasion so it is special. Just two weeks ago he sent them b/c he wasn't going to make it home from his work trip. They were just what I needed.(he did make it home!)
    Anyway.... I think after reading this post, you are not ANTI-romantic you just have a different kind of idea on what IS romantic. Your post is covered in it, and so are the strawberries.
    So glad you shared.


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