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La Cocaína

"I used my imagination to make the grass whatever color I wanted it to be."
- Whoopi Goldberg

Remember how I went on my first cruise last summer? Remember how it was SO AMAZING? Remember how I, the "supposed-to-be-a-photographer, didn't want to get "killer sand particles" or "deathly ocean water" near my $3000.00 my camera? Remember how worried I was about my camera, period? Remember how I suggest to BF that we take all of our photos with disposables? {I'm cringing at the thought of the suggestion} Remember how out of over 200 photos, only about 10 "didn't really turn out- but at least we can see something?"

I'm such an idiot. Seriously! I would give anything to hit the rewind button and take my camera everywhere! Even to the abandoned cement shack in Jamaica, with the man with the machete who wouldn't stop giving me "the look," and the "bar tender" who kept offering us weed and cocaine, and even dropped a little baggie of "fairy dust" in my beach bag, "accidentally."

I wanted to put together a "travel album" but haven't been able to stomach the sight of the pictures. However, I looked today while cleaning out my desk, I decided I quite liked the looked of the third-world-country-quality film, on the ones that were visible anyway.

This is one I loved. It is straight out of the awful disposable from the Cayman Islands. No photoshop, no nothing. I want to go back.

Meanwhile, I've begun to make summer travel plans! For Spring break, best-friend-since-7th-grade and I are heading over to the Happiest Place on Earth! In August, BF and I are planning a trip to Hawaii! I've never been, but he's an awesome travel buddy and does all the planning so all I have to do is sit back and relax. Then sometime in between the two trips, a possible trip to Spain, Greece and Germany. Spain because the brothers want to run with bulls, Greece for the oceans and history, and Germany to visit Dear 'ol Dad! I'm so excited.

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  1. i am seriously jealous. Sean and I were going to go to Hawaii for our 1 year, and were planning on getting Disney season passes...but now can't do either with the baby coming :( Enjoy every second!!


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