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Half Way Through the Week...

Today is Wednesday, and I would like to share a few things:

I love the March issue of Glamour Magazine. Not only does Posh spice look so cute on the cover (casual in jeans and a t-shirt, and not scowling) but she's holding the cutest puppy! The entire issue is filled with bright colors, and spring-y things, flowers, and fun. It makes me really excited for winter to be over. I esp. like the patent leather, lavender peep toes Victoria Beckham is wearing in her spread, 50 Love Rules Every Woman Should Live By (amen!), and all of the ads/ articles featuring Balloons. I now want to do a photo shoot involving brightly colored balloons.

Update: I placed an order with the Lush UK website on Friday evening {Friday as in 5 days ago}. Today is Wednesday, and it arrived this morning at my house!!! Are you kidding me?!? It came from the UK and took 3 business days, and my order from California took over a month? Nice. Anyway, the only thing I didn't like about ordering from the UK was the price of shipping. It was a little steep (>$30.00), but considering how much I spent and then how much I saved, it was not big deal. I hear that NORMALLY there are codes online for Free Shipping, however when I looked, most of them had expired.

PS I am also loving my nail polish today. It's called Frostbite and it's a bright royal blue. If you enlarge this picture you can really see it!

I'm a little upset. My biochemistry professor told us our exam would be multiple choice. I spent 4 days studying the ins and outs of 5 chapters. However, I was not counting on loosing 20 points because I did not memorize how to DRAW the skeletal model of Hemoglobin. I'm pretty sure I aced the multiple choice part, but the artistic curve ball was uncalled for. I'm a little upset that the highest grade I can hope to achieve on my exam is an 80%. LAME.

Nevada's stupid Governor is planning on cutting education costs AGAIN. I'm not sure how much of an impact our "walk out" actually had yesterday, but hopefully some... If this happens, our tuition will raise to $250.00 per credit! When I was a freshman it was only $80.00/ credit. Being a science major, this GREATLY impacts me because just one class will cost $1,000.00 (90% of all science classes have labs and are therefore 4 credits). No offense but my college is not even that great of a school, the people who go there, attend because most of us can't afford to go elsewhere... I'm not looking forward to paying $3,000.00- $4,000.00 in tuition, not to mention all of the fees (lab fees, "campus usage fees," student facilities fees, etc). I only have 2 semesters left, please don't ruin it for me. Why is it that when the state needs money, Education (the most important aspect of our future) is the first to go? Politicians should take a pay cut as far as I'm concerned, I know it won't solve the problem, but it would help.

Sunday is Valentine's Day. I've never actually celebrated Valentine's day, and I'm not planning to start this year. BF and I are not even seeing each other on Sunday, and I'll be wearing black. So there {humph}. Monday night we're going to dinner and to see "Valentine's Day" the movie, but only because Monday night is our Date Night. I wasn't sure I was really wanting to see the movie, there's just too many stars to develop a good story line, it seems. But BF brought it up, so I'll amuse him. I DID however get him a little gift. I'm really excited about it, and I'll post what it is once I give it to him.

I hope everyone has a happy Hump Day!

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  1. Anonymous2/10/2010

    I LOVE Lush! I love the bath bombs you gave me!!!
    Also as my blog inspiration I desperately need to take some lessons from you! I just started and mine is ridiculously lame!


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