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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
(Lush Give Away Winner)

(Such a lame title, but my friend Chris used to say it, and it was always funny...)

A few weeks ago I found a blog tutorial that showed me how to number the comments left on my blog posts. I figured this would be a easy way to determine winners of giveaways, since the random generator uses numbers and not names. However, I must have entered the code wrong because for some reason all of my comments are showing up as #1... I guess that's because all of my followers are #1!!!

Just to review, the winner of this give away is going to get 2 Frothy the Snowman Bubble Bars, 1 Jingle Spells Bath Ballistic, 1 Silent White Bath Ballistic (my favorite), and 1 sample of Porridge Soap.

I had 8 entries, my favorite number!!! Instead of using a number generator (since I had so little entries), I did it the old fashioned way. I'm so glad my lovely assistant, Gibber-snibbs, could be torn away from his busy Olympic watching to help me out.

And the winner is:

Congratulations!!! Please e-mail your address so I can get this to you!

P.S. I am now on Day 3 of my "No Soda Skin-tervention." Day 1 went off without a hitch. I drank some milk, some juice, some green tea, even about 8 oz. of water, but no soda, and I was fine. I also slept better than I have in years!!! Day 2 was ROUGH! By noon I was restless and shaky, I even started to get a headache and had to take some Excedrin to ward it off and get a little caffeine in my system {so so sad, I know}, I felt like an addict going through with drawls. Surprisingly, by Day 2 I already noticed a difference in my skin. My face had cleared up, and was really smooth looking! But... I want a Pepsi!

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