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I + Bathtime Give Away

The second half of my Lush Christmas order finally arrived (well about a week ago), I ordered these products from the LushUsa.com website on January 2nd, it has taken over a month to arrive! When I submitted my order I must have hit the Pay button twice, because they sent me two identical orders. I didn't even notice until I got my bank statement the other day, and saw I had been charged twice for the same amount. It wasn't alot, only about $10 (because of the B1G2 sale), but it's the principle of the thing. So I called to notify them. even though I hadn't received the product yet. But, because it has been over 30 days since I placed my order they won't take it back, so I'm giving away a few items (rules below)!

Nothing is wrong with these products. I just don't want them. I've already used 10 Christmas products (review video below) and I want to branch out to the regular and Retro lines. Lush has two product lines, "Lush products," and "Retro Stuff." The Retro Stuff is not available in stores, only online. I wanted to be able to smell the products before I ordering them, and that isn't possible with Retro. {Wah wah wah} Therefore, my retro order will have to wait.


On the Lush.com website, shoppers are given a choice of which country they want to "shop in." I am a true patriot. I bleed red, but I heard that if I were to shop on the UK website, I could save up to 40% compared to the USA website or even store prices. This is not only because of the dollar to pound exchange rate, but because the UK just prices their products lower! I also heard that shipping from the UK takes a little over a week (much better than my 30+ day USA order)! I know the exchange rate changes everyday, so I used Exchange Rate dot com to help me see if I actually saved...

I purchased 4 Bath Melts, 3 Massage Bars, I bought 1 massage bar tin and got 2 for free (they had a special: Buy 2 massage bars get 2 free tin. I think massage bars are the only products that NEED the tins), 4 Soaps (3.5 oz each), 8 Bubble Bars, and 15 Bath Bombs (in the UK they're called Ballistics). That's 37 products, and in purchasing from the UK store I saved nearly 40%!

Below is a quick little slide show of the Christmas products and what I thought of them. If you're not interested and would like to just enter the Give Away, all you have to do is:

1. Be a public follower of my blog. You know the routine, when I log in I should see you on my dashboard.
2. Leave a comment & maybe tell a friend or two about my blog (but that's optional).

But, you won't know what you're winning unless you watch the video.

I'll choose a winner Saturday, February 20, 2010.
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  1. I love bath stuff! All of that stuff looks so yummy!

  2. I love the Frothy the Snowman one--so cute!! What a great idea!! I haven't looked at the website yet, but I just might have to...or maybe I'll just have to wait to look til AFTER the baby, or when I'm having a bummer day, so I don't go spend crazy ha ha Thanks for another great find!!!

  3. Wow, sounds like a neat giveaway. Kirsten told me about it and it sounds wonderful so I had to enter ;) Hope all is well.


  4. I absolutely love Lush products and loved watching your video as you reviewed them!

  5. I'm a follower too!

  6. SO Super fun!!! Kirsten said I should check out your blog and giveaway- How fun!!!!!! Now I'm SO dying to try these products!!!

  7. Me and Sis want to enter to win these products! I'm not ashamed to say I watched your bathtub video twice, the second to show Chantal. You're so entertaining!

  8. mmmm! i want to win :) pick me pick me!! haha.

    and i loved your video. i couldnt peel my eyes away! lol


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