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I really want on of these...

Kelly Moore is not only a Fabulous photographer, but she has one of my favorite photography blogs to follow, AND NOW she is even more fabulous because she made a camera bag, that looks like an adorable, fashion forward purse! My camera lens and accessory collection has grown so much, that my current bag just does not do the trick. Luckily, I found out this week that Kelly is giving away one of her bags for free!!!

Kelly Moore is giving away a bag! Go enter to win! http://kellymoorebagblog.com

It's a good size, and can hold a flash and 3 lenses, or 2 flashes a lens and a camera body... Still too small to hold everything I have, but it would be perfect to sling over my shoulder during photo sessions, so I can quickly change out my lenses. Anyway, I thougth I'd share.

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  1. She made it?! It's amazing. I want one.

  2. you need one! I always felt bad when you were carrying all that stuff, you either need this cute bag or an assistant ha ha seriously though, it's so cute! Does she make diaper bags??? ha ha


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