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Friday Night Live

I L♥VE the community I live in.  Yes the HOA fees are ridiculous, but unlike many other HOA fees, ours are used in ways that actually do benefit the community.  Yes, yes we have people who clean up trash, mow grass, plant flowers, and other landscaping tasks every single morning, but our fees pay for so much more.  For example, every 4th of July the community puts on a big parade (which has now become a city wide event), after the parade, they open all of the community pools for a free day of swimming as well as a free all-you-can eat BBQ, complete with live music and carnival games.  This is just one of many yearly events that have become tradition so that we can enjoy living in our community.

One thing I love about summers in this community is that one Friday every month, they host Friday Night Live, a free concert series in a local park.  This being Las Vegas, there is no shortage of entertainment, and so a band is chosen to play for friends and families alike.  Tonight, I decided that BF and I should go.

We packed a picnic and walked over to the park.  I couldn't believe how many people were there!  There were also lots of food and treat vendors giving free snow cones, glow sticks, "adult beverages," etc.  A 70's cover band called the Boogie Knights played disco and rock for over three hours!  We found a good spot right up front to set up our blanket, kicked off our shoes, and spent the rest of the night dancing and singing.  It was so much fun, I can't wait until next month!

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