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I Have Grab Buttons!

I finally figured out how to make some grab buttons for my blog! Feel free to take one, or two! I read that Grab Buttons are supposed to be about 200x200 pixels, but mine seem a little small... Any advice on sizing?  If you're interested in Making your own button, keep reading!

What is a Grab Button?
A grab button is a button that you can put in the sidebar of your blog.  Your viewers can "Grab" the HTML code under your button, and put it on their blogs!  Grab buttons are a great way to advertise your blog.  If someone has a ton of followers, and they put your button on their side bar, just think all of the people who can easily stop by your blog just by ckicking a button!

Create Your Own
  1. Choose an image you'd like to use as your button, or create one in a photo editing program. Resize the image to 200 x 200 pixels. 
  2. Upload your picture to an image hosting site of your choice, I used photobucket.
  3. In another tab, log onto your Blogger account. Go to the Design tab and then click Page Elements, and then Add a Gadget. Choose to add the HTML/JavaScript widget. 
  4. Copy & Paste the following code in the HTML area:
  6. In Photobucket (or where ever you chose to store your button image), copy the URL or direct link to the image and paste it in the above code where it says YOURBUTTONLOCATION.
  7. Then, replace the words YOURBLOGADDRESS with your blog address...
  8. Tada!
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  1. gah! I just added this to my blog! It looks so nice!!!!

  2. @Mel
    Hooray! Thanks so much, I think you're the first one to grab one!

  3. Will it put the name of my blog on the button?



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