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Van Gough

Since we've had our puppy Chael, we have all just fallen in love with him.  He is the spoiled little prince of our house, and no one seems to mind.  For a family full of people who would never in a million years classify ourselves as "dog people," we're quickly on our way to becoming them.  Yesterday, however, I got some news that broke my heart for our little buddy...

Here at only 15 weeks, Chael is getting too big for my lap!

Chael is going to be a big brother.

The breeders we purchased Chael from had a litter a few weeks after Chael was born.  While the mommy dog was cleaning the placenta off of one of her pups, she accidentally bit off his fragile little ear.  Because of his deformity, they can't find anyone who will buy him.  They've even discounted this pure breed (from a champion line) pup nearly 80%.  Now that he is old enough to be sold (10 weeks) and not yet claimed, they offered him to us, for free.

So we're taking him.  I'm picking him up from the airport tonight.  My heart broke a little for Chael baby because as with any new addition to a family, he would no longer be the sole receiver of the love and attention.  We're hoping, though that having a playmate will help relieve us of having to give Chael attention 24/7... It can be exhausting.  Having a dog is like having a baby who never grows up.

Last night, I went over the importance of being a big brother with Chael.  I told him that its his job to be nice to the new baby, and protect him from the other mean dogs, especially because he has a "very special ear," and he might get picked on.

I'm hoping it works out and they become best buddies... I'm also hoping that like Chael, Van Gough comes potty trained...


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