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Conference weekend

It's that time again, General Conference is here!  To be honest, I've never before been "excited" about Conference.  In fact, I've always dreaded the boring sit-and-be-quite-for-uber-long-periods-of-time sessions.  I never really paid attention to the talks, and never got much out of it.  When my parent's got divorced, I was really angry.  Angry at a lot of people and a lot of things, but most of all, I was mad at Heavenly Father.  By technical terms, I was pretty much inactive in church, and I didn't watch conference for close to four years.

I only recently became fully converted at the beginning of this year.  I knew that if my life was going to start progressing, I was going to need the help and blessings that only my Father in Heaven and big brother, Jesus could provide.  I remember this past April, I decided to watch Conference and it literally changed me.  I loved the talks given, and paid attention, and even took notes on all of them, studying them later, and completely dominating my ward's Conference Jeopardy FHE activity the following Monday!

I've been looking forward to Conference for months now.  I loved the General Relief Society mission, and especially President Uchtdorf's talk.  Since President James E. Faust, Dieter is definitely my favorite general authority.  His talk got me so excited to hear the other encouraging and uplifting words that will be spoken this weekend!

I have already taken the challenge to write down some questions that I have for my Heavenly Father, and will be anxiously awaiting my answer.

I also found a few great websites, with some of the cutest Conference Packets I've ever seen!

The Church website has lots of fun coloring and other activities to engage little ones while watching Conference


Sugardoodle has a ton of Conference Packets for all ages from Nursery to Adults.  I printed off one of them and am so excited to use it!


Print photos of the General Authorities to paste onto your notes, or to play Conference Bingo!

Saturday morning, I'm making a delicious bacon, egg and cheese breakfast ring.  Yum yum!

I'm also thinking of building a Conference Reverence Tent,  & watching Conference from inside.  Just like in Mosiah when the Nephites "pitched their tents," to listen to the Prophet, King Benjamin.

I hope everyone makes the choice to watch Conference this weekend, and receives lots of blessings for doing so!

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