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Help Find David Miller

Last Sunday 9.4.11 one of our dear friends, David Miller went missing.  I am posting this and asking anyone in the areas of Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, Arizona and Southern California to help aid in the search.  We received a letter from David's family this past Saturday:
Dearest Friends,

Our hearts are grateful for all who are helping us in our search for our son, David. Our latest direction is that David could be somewhere between Las Vegas and Cedar City. We feel impressed that we need to find him right ...away.

We don't know for sure but feel the area between St George and Hurricane and perhaps as far north as Cedar City might be the most likely area to find him. His car is a light green Hyundai Elantra (see the attached photos below) and it will be the key to locating him. Most likely he will be off of the main highways and roads. We think he would seek a place of solitude away from any people. He would probably not hike much away from a car accessible road but could be in an area that is not readily visible.

There are several people planning to look for him and his car throughout Southern Utah tomorrow. We have been with limited phone access and bandwidth today so we are just responding to some of you who have offered to help. For those that are able, it would be helpful to have you travel to Southern Utah tomorrow to help with the search. If any of you have friends or relatives living between Las Vegas and Cedar City, will you please forward the attached photos below and ask them to use their own networking to get other people looking for David and his car.

Chris Jensen and Bill Karren are already in Southern Utah and others are on their way tomorrow by car, plane and helicopter. If you are able to travel and help with the search tomorrow, please contact Chris (702-499-5320) and Bill (702-372-3378) and we will ask them to organize the ground search efforts.

We thank you for anything you can do to help with this search. David is a wonderful man who is blessed to have your support.

Michelle and I are making our way back to Las Vegas and then Southern Utah. We may not have phone access for some of the day tomorrow but please leave us a message when needed.

Words are inadequate to express our love and thanks,

Kevin Miller 702-580-4251
Michelle 702-301-3456
As of today, I have the following updates:

  • David suffers from severe clinical depression.  He is without his phone, wallet or medication.  His parents are unsure if his going missing has to do with foul play, or is the result of a depressive episode, but have assured the police that he has never "just taken off" before without telling anyone, and that this occurrence is extremely unlike him.
  • The Henderson, NV police department found David's car in the parking lot of Jared's Jewelers on Saturday 9.10.11 at 1071 West Sunset  Rd.  However, upon further investigation the store owner stated that the car had been there since Monday, 9.5.11.  David was nowhere to be found.
  • Large scale searches have been occurring all weekend in Southern Utah, as far north as Fillmore, UT.  Two of David's best friends moved there a few years ago, and he visited them often.  His parents felt as though maybe he went to see them, and was familiar enough with the drive to make it in one of his depressive episodes.
  • While this information is being updated frequently and spread across Facebook (we created a page for him this past weekend: Help Find David Miller), there is not a lot of news coverage, and other than word spreading through the Latter Day Saint (Mormon) community, it is not getting much publicity.
  • Because there are a few news anchors in my home ward (David's parent's ward), they were able to get out two news broadcasts this weekend on Las Vegas NBC news and Las Vegas ABC news- watch here.
  • Saturday, my family contacted all 20 Stake Presidents in the Las Vegas valley, as well as few bishops in Mesquite, Laughlin, and Pahrump.
 I am asking you, my bloggy readers, to please help keep an eye out for our friend.  If you have any information, please contact myself or the following:

Kevin Miller 702-580-4251
Michelle 702-301-3456

Thanks again!
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