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Mid-Year Goals Check-up

Back on July 1st, I wrote out a list of some mid-year goals.  Because of my Spending Fast, I learned the importance of setting both short and long term goals, and putting them down on paper.  It's important to be able to get them out of your heard so that they become real.  Plus the satisfaction of putting a check mark next to each one is overwhelming!  Here is a recap of the goals I set, and how they're going.

1.  Read my scriptures every day and finish reading the Old Testament
I began a Book of Mormon Reading Challenge that started on August 1.  I have kept up with the schedule and been "listening" (to the audio version) every day, so that is deterring my Old Testament reading.  I love it!  I do it first thing in the morning, and I feel like it just sets the tone for my whole day. 

2.  Go back to school, full time, even if my boss won't let me go to class
Holla!  I am back and in 13 credits!  I have worked out with my boss that while she won't let me go to all of my classes (except to take exams), she will let me go to the one where attendance counts! 
3.  Stop regretting/living in/wishing I could change the past; move on and progress
Done & done.  I am surprised how much happier I am when I started doing this.

4.  Pray.  The real get-down-on-your-knees-bow-your-head-and-fold-your-arms kind not the quick-utter-one-in-traffic-kind, at least once everyday
Yes.  I had a friend who made a comment in Institute (similar to a bible study class) last week that every morning before "[his] feet hit the floor, [his] knees hit the floor."  I have literally done this every day.  Plus its fun to slither out of bed without letting my feet touch before my knees!  You know, like when you were a kid and the floor was lava...  Awesome.

5.  Read 5 non-school books
So far I've read four, and I'll start my 5th one probably over Thanksgiving break.  There's just too much going on with school right now!

6. Start the Spending Fast, and stick to it. 
Check!  Follow my other blog, Morgan Makes Cents to read all about it.

7.  Listen to more church music and learn the harmonies
8.  Exercise at least 3 times a week
Not so much.  I've still been doing a mixture of Insanity, P90X and Cardio Barre, but I've totally been slacking.  I'm lucky if I manage once a week.  The past two weeks I've felt overly tired, and really sluggish, I need to get back on this ASAP.

9.  Start studying for the DAT's
Nope.  I think I might put this off until next semester.

10.  Choose to be happy
YES!  I love being happy!  I have learned that happiness really is a conscious choice, not just a state of being.

11.  Make at least 1 new friend every month
Yes, 100 times over.  I have made an effort (and it's awkward and hard) to really reach out to people and schedule face time with them.  But I have been blessed with tons of new friends!

12.  Spend 5 minutes everyday "quick cleaning" my house, and deep clean every Saturday
Nope, look haven't I made enough progress already?  Some things just aren't meant to change.
13.  Do more service.
Sadly, no
14.  Always be kind
Yes.  what a difference this has made in my attitude!
15.  Figure out how much school/books/parking, etc. is actually going to cost.
Yes!  $125, bought and paid for!

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