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ELDR2B was Evan's vanity licence plate before he went on his mission.  I've mentioned before that while I was attending my first year of college, my parent's sold my car since no one was driving it.  When I decided that I hated Reno, and came home, I drove Ev's car but my parent's wouldn't let me change the licence plate, "It's Evan's car, and if he wants the plates changed, he can do that when he gets home."

It was so embarrassing.  We lived right next to a retirement community, so people either knew the licence plate was referring to a future missionary, or a future old person.  Either way, the tires on that car got slashed almost every month.

But I digress.  The point of this post is to talk about another brother.  My little Gibber-Snibbs.

Griffin is going on a mission!  Anyone who knows Grif, knows that a mission was never a goal of his.  Growing up the kids in our ward chose Griffin as the odd man out, they never included him in activities or made him feel welcome, and all too often they were downright mean (a fact big sister didn't know until recently or you can bet I would have done something about). Because he didn't have a network of LDS friends, when he was never really "active" in the church. Once hit with our parents divorce he was lost. He became involved with alcohol and girls, and would not even claim to be Mormon.

Then, one Sunday Griffin decided to go to church.  This was during that still-difficult time for our family, and no one was really going every week.  But Griffin made it a point to go.  He started meeting with the bishop every week and hanging out with his Fraternity less.  He never said what he was up to, and when we'd ask he would assure us that he didn't know what we were talking about.  After awhile the cat was out of the bag, we knew he had chosen to turn his life around and serve a mission for our church!  

Tonight he got his mission call. 

We knew that Gibbs as well as the people of Kentucky will be eternally blessed because of his decision to sacrifice and serve.  We love you Gibbs, and we couldn't be more proud of our Louisville Slugger!

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