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Easy As Pie

When it comes to dessert, I'm a cheesecake girl.  Plain cheesecake.  No Strawberries, no sour cream sauce, just plain cheesecake.  Muscley arms, on the other hand is a berry guy.  His favorite is berry cobbler {but there's only one recipe he'll eat}, and berry pie. 
Even though I'm a lousy cook, I'm a pretty darn good baker!  I wanted to do something special for him for Valentine's day, a cookie bouquet, cupcakes, but nothing seemed to fit the bill.  I was at target the other day, and found a mini heart-shaped pie press, and ding ding ding!!!  I had a winner.  I decided to make him Mini Raspberry Pies to munch on tonight, since he won't be able to munch on my face...
These were so easy to make, and literally took 20 minutes, start to finish!  Here's what you'll need...
1 bag of frozen, sweetened raspberries
1 pre-made pie crust {the kind with 2 layers}
Mini Heart Pie Press {Target has them for about $4}
A little sugar
A little flour

And here's how to do it...

1.  Unroll your pie crust onto a cutting board
2.  Use the pie press to cut out heart shapes

3.  Thaw your raspberries. 
4.  Make the filling.  I used Sweetened rRaspberries.  I dumped the package into a bowl, added 2 spoons of sugar {regular cereal spoons} , and 1 spoon of flour and mixed it all together so that the raspberries would get all juicy.

5.  Then I put 1 heart crust into the press, added about 2 spoons of filling, covered with another crust and pressed them together. I then cut a few slits into the top crust for ventilation.

6.  Once I finished, I put all of the pies on a cookie sheet and baked at 400 for 25 minutes. 

They were so easy, and he loved them!


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