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Curious Conversations with Morg & Ev

I'm adding a new segment to my blog. It's going to be about the late night conversations between Evan and I. We usually only get to hang out late at night when I get off of work, and we're both already super tired, and the stuff that is said can be quite funny. (Even if only in a "you had to be there" kind of way)

Tonight I got off work and Evan was watching Mannequin. I secretly love this movie so I watched with him. I saw it a million times when I was young, but seeing it tonight, I realize how much "Adult Content/Language" is in this film. ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS SEX! And not even in a round-about way. Also the Mannequin is kind of a freak! (What else should I expect from Kim Cattrall?) Anyway, she's always trying to do sexual things to/for her human boyfriend, including role playing and costumes and what not. Here's the conversation we had about this topic.

Evan: That mannequin is a slut.

Morgan: Not really, she's just open.

Evan: No she's a slut, look what she's trying to do.

Morgan: She's not a slut, there's only ONE guy here, not a bunch, and sometimes when girls really love a guy [insert LDS friendly:"and they are married" clause here], they'll do stuff for him that they normally wouldn't do, to keep things interesting.

Evan: I hope a girl loves me like that someday!

BAH HAHAHAHA! Sweet Evan, at least he knows what's really important in life. HAHAHA

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