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Good Things

It's 2009 and things are already off to a FANTASTIC start! Here are a few of the reasons that I'm a happy camper this week:


    It's a new year, and we all get a fresh start! New goals, new ideas and motivation are brewing all around me!


    Thanks to my wonderful Clients, my photography business is taking off! I'm so thankful for their references which are helping me grow my little company. December alone was crazy, and I've already booked quite a few events for 2009 and even 2010!


    I got online and ordered some journals from Pottery Barn. There is a different color journal for all 12 months, and they are adorable! Python and crocodile skin faux leather in hot pink, yellow, lime green, turquoise, purple, and orange, etc! I'm thrilled to have somewhere to write down all my thoughts!

My dad paid off my final credit card! When I first started college I had no clue about loans/grants, so I just opened cards and put my tuition and books on them. I had about $20,000 which was so scary. I've worked hard and paid off all of them, and my dad paid the $500 balance on my final credit card today. It meant a lot that he noticed how hard I've worked to do it, esp. since our relationship is so strained. it's nice to know that amidst all the turmoil, parents are still parents.
I got the nicest e-mail yesterday from a girl I haven't seen in years. She was one of my favorite lab partners my first year of college. She remembered that she always loved how my hair looked and asked me if I'd do hers for her wedding the same way I do mine! It's a little shallow, but compliments like this can really make someones day!
I also got a letter from my best friend! I haven't heard much from him since September because he's been training for a Special Op's position in the Air Force. I'm glad to hear he's doing well, and loved to see pictures of his "Mr. Potatohead hair cut".
I'm excited that this year in church we're studying the D&C. I've never read it, and when it comes to church history, I know the story of the first vision, and that's about it! I went out and got the seminary study guide (I like to keep things simple) and I'm ready to get-reading!

I'm really thankful for all that I have been blessed with, and I look forward to this year being the best one yet!

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