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It's official. Santa was good to me this year! As I've gotten older, Christmas presents are always fun to get, but I haven't had a "Jackpot" Christmas for years, until now! This year, I didn't really have an idea of anything I wanted. I have more articles of clothing than any one human being ever needs in a life time, and no room to store anything else; and I didn't really "need" anything, and I knew my wants were all too expensive for Santa, or other family members to get for me (broke brothers, and grandparents who are WAY too generous, but living on retirement). So I didn't really give anyone ideas.

I love that Santa pays attention and just so happens to "KNOW" every year, whether told or not. It's that little bit of Christmas Magic that after 25 years I still haven't figured out. My only conclusion is that "Mrs. Claus" checks my internet browser history to see what I've been eye-balling! Here's just a few of the goods I made out with this year:

::: A telephoto-zoom lens for my camera! I've been dying for one of these. especially for those people who (like me) are very particular about their personal space and can't stand when I'm "right up in their business" clicking away.

::: A Wii!!!! I've wanted one of these for over a year, and I'm excited to say Mom came through this year! I spent pretty much all day playing sports games, and working off all the crap I've eaten the past week. Grandma & Grandpa also threw in the remote recharge station and an extra remote.

::: An External hard drive. I know most people would be disappointed with this one, but I couldn't have needed anything more! I put so many RAW files on my computer after every photo shoot, convert them to .Tiffs in Lightroom and then to .JPEGS in photoshop and then make numerous copies of different outcomes, sizes, slide shows etc. My poor little laptop is just pooped and can't hold it all. I've been going through jump drives like water, and I figured a new external hard drive will be just the ticket.

::: I also received a few "helps for future purchases" The first being a coupon for the entire set up of Rockband (All band pieces included) for only $100. I will be picking that up this week!

::: And my last favorite thing(s) were gift cards. Normally I hate gift cards, but this year I got gift cards from all my brothers so that I don't have to save so much/for so long for the other camera lenses I want!

EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM ($1300.00)

EF 50mm f / 1.2 USM ($1600.00)EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye ($650.00)

Like I said, I pretty much made out like a bandit! I also got a few articles of clothing, and while I should return them (literally I have no where to put them unless I hang them from my ceiling fan), they're really cute. I also have one more present from "someone" that I haven't opened yet, but I have this much of a hint...

I really did have a WONDERFUL holiday. Being 25 the **sparkle** had kind of worn off for me, especially with all the things going on with my family not being able to be together for the first time ever (We went from 15 to 7 people this year). I'm excited for the little time we all did have together, and that for the first time in YEARS I was able to feel like a kid again, and really just get lost in Christmas.

PS the fact that it snowed all day really helped too! (It never snows in Las Vegas, esp. on Christmas!)

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