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Looking Forward...

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to right now!
1. The next two weeks are going to be a Photo-Frenzy! I have 1 wedding, 1 family session and 2 engagement sessions, I'm going to be snap happy!
2. How well my engagement session of Kirsten & Sean turned out, I got a sneak peak of their order today, and I feel as though I can gloat a little, and say, I'm rather talented
3. Starting and finishing all of my Christmas shopping.
4. My hair appointment on Monday, not only are my roots out of control, but I'm finally out of the "my-hair-was-so-damaged-I've-been-letting-it-just-grow" phase, so I'm excited to get a haircut whose style doesn't resemble a mop.

5. My super cute manicure and pedicure I got today! Christmas red, and little candy canes and piontsetas airbrushed on my toes.
6. How busy my work has been, and my schedule for the next two weeks, I'm off all next week, but the following week I'm working 14 hour days 6 days of the week.
7. My family all being in town for Christmas! Except my dad, and my Fweetie who will be in a few days later.
8. My new boardgames to play with all of my family, I bought: Crainium Wow edition, Would you Rather, and Loaded Questions Adult Version haha

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