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We didn't do much by way of decorations this year. It just seems like Christmas snuck up on us! We at least managed to get the tree up, and decorate the mantle. The biggest decoration I miss this year is our village! Normally at Christmas every flat surface on the first floor of our house is covered with "sparkle" batting and then topped with glass Victorian Christmas Village pieces (and not the cheap ones from Target, the super nice ones from Bombay Company).
They maee me think of what Christmas should be like: snow on the ground, shoppers, ice skating on a pond in town square, snowball fights after school, shops open late, cobblestone walkways, and the train station full of visitors and gifts ordered from far away... *sigh*
I'm so excited that I was able to get 10 days off of work so that I can enjoy the holiday with my friends and family! I'm also so grateful that I had a great month at work and can afford to do so, including extra money to pay all my bills for next month! Still, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, tomorrow I have to start... and finish all of my shopping!
Ugh that's the only bad thing about Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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