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Last night while I was hard at work, I noticed a man at one of the tables (not in my section) staring. It was like every time I walked by his eyes were a tractor beam on my face. It was a little uncomfortable. Well I didn't pay much attention, but about as he was leaving, he sent our hostess over to ask me if I had a few minutes to talk to him. I work in a wine bar, where I'm an constantly hit on by drunk older men, and tonight I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it. So, I told her I was really busy and to tell him sorry but no. Crisis averted.
Drunk creepy old man 0
Morgan 1
Well about an hour later, she came back over to me, this time with a business card. (geez this guy didn't quit) She then told me that he was a casting director for Warner Brothers, and thought I was beautiful, had great energy and seemed very personable and said if I was interested in acting to give him a call....
Well to be honest I've never thought of acting, ever. In fact I'm sure I'd be horrible at it.
I'm very cautious of these things, I've been approached a number of times in my life, and I never done anything about it. These kind of people can be rapists you know. Well one of the boys I work with is a model, and he got a card too, so that started to make me feel a little more at ease with it.
When I got home from work, and googled this guy, and the only thing that came up was his facebook page. I also noticed that his business card is just a white business card with the WB logo on it (I could make this on photoshop in 30 seconds) and his personal information including e-mail (not a WB address either) and SKYPE name, whatever that is. Did I mention his name is spelled wrong? His excuse to the hostess was that in Belgium, or Russia or where ever he's from that his cards were printed, they don't have the letter "Z" in their alphabet, so the "Z" in his name is handwritten.... Strange the letter doesn't exist in your country and yet it's in your last name....
Are these GIANT RED FLAGS to anyone else? Needless to say, I'm smart enough to chalk this one up to a scam... But Josh (the model I work with) called me today. I guess he called the guy after work last night, and at 4 today is going in to meet with a talent agent.... If Josh comes back alive, maybe I'll call this guy and bring my dad (who will in turn bring his guns) to see what this is all about....

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