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Christmas Cheer

Call me Ms. Procrastinator! I finally started my Christmas shopping today... and I finished it, but UGH it was the worst experience ever! I left my house at about 1:00 to head down to Fashion Show... and then I sat in traffic for nearly 2 hours! Are you kidding me? Then at about Rancho, my gas light came on... Awesome. There was nowhere to exit and get gas. Charleston was the next available exit and the line to get off there was not moving at all! Ugh, I was finally able to exit at what I thought was Spring Mountain West, and get gas, only to realize that when i was back on the road heading east I was not on Spring Mountain, but on DI. Lame. Once I got to the mall things started to look up.
I definately had a parking fairy cause I got the spot second closest to the elevators! I was worried and did an Austin Powers parking job, becuase I was in my dad's gargantuan truck, and had no clue how to park this thing.
Anyway I was able to get everything I needed and PINK wrapping paper!!! So cute. I wrapped a few (above) and decided to save the rest for tomorrow.

I then headed over to my grandparent's house to spend time with the family. While we were eating dinner, I noticed my grandma had a new diamond on one of her fingers, she said it wasn't new, but she'd recently found it in her closet while hiding presents. She went upstairs and brought down a box of jewlery (all diamonds) and we had a little try-on party. OMG some of these puppies were HUGE! I mean freakishly huge. All of the jewlery was yellow gold, which I'm not a fan of, but I "inherited" this ring and I think it's so perfect!!! It's just a 3 stone ring with a one carat center stone and 2 half-carat stones on the side. I've been wanting to get myself a right hand ring for my birthday and just havent found anything I like, but I think this will be it. It's a size 9 (to fit over her arthritis knuckels, poor thing) so I have to get it resized tomorrow (I'm only a 4!). But I'm very excited to have it.

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