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Good News, Bad News

I am going to preface this blog with the following statement:
I have had the worst flu for the past week, and survived only on Water, Pepto-Bismol and Saltine crackers. So today, when I got a craving for Baskin Robins, the fact that it was Sunday was ignored.

The bad news is that the Baskin Robbins by my parents house is gone. WHAT??? This establishment has been on the corner of Lake Mead & Rampart for nearly 20 years, and today when I went to get my first bit of "real food" in a week, I discovered it was gone! RIP 31 Flavors you will be missed.

The good news is that the location at Sahara and Ft. Apache isn't that far... So I went there. There was a woman in line in front of me who is, quite possibly, the most obnoxious woman I've ever come in contact with... She can be physically described as a very heavy set diva, with a bad weave and holes in her sweat pants. Anyway, while waiting in line there was a Rihanna song on (I didn't know it but could tell by the annoying voice it was her). This woman could hardly sputter out her order because she was belting out the song. Off key, and loud, she was also snapping her fingers and dancing to the music. The little old Asian lady behind the counter was obviously annoyed while trying to get the order, because the woman seemed as though the nice BR Employee was interrupting her singing!

She managed to say she wanted a sundae, and continued singing and snapping. When the employee asked 1 or 2 scoops, the DIVA got angry stomped her foot and said I don't want either, I want 3, and continued singing, louder this time. Then came the Carmel sauce. Apparently the little old lady didn't know how much Carmel was enough, because once again, DIVA stopped her singing and in a huffy tone threatened to come behind the counter and get the proper amount herself (her sundae bowl was filled with sauce, gross). This behavior went on and on until the nice little employee had DIVA's entire order. I was annoyed to say the least.

Once she finished I was up next.

Apparently DIVA changed her mind on the way out the door, came back and cut in front of me, to have her sundae placed in a waffle cone, and then there was a small argument about "now the toppings are on the bottom but TOP-pings are supposed to be on top so I want extra and I don't want to pay more..." Grr

Finally she left. And I was able to order my Mocha Blast with whip cream and cinnamon on top. Just then Salt & Peppa's "Shoop" came on over the speaker.

With this, I became the annoying singing/dancing lady in Baskin Robbins!!!! But I didn't care! I felt like I was back in 8th grade singing about a handsome black man with a great butt, hahaa. I stayed, and drank my blast, while dancing across the floor until the song was over, thanked little Asian employee, and left.

She will probably be glad to get off work tonight and get away from all of the crazies in her shop.

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  1. omg - it's gone?? The one next to the chinese place that has fried rice that tastes like an ash tray? I thought I was sad when zuka juice went under. BUMMER!


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