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It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile... But I have a good excuse... I went to turn on my computer about a week ago, and as usual it asked me to log in.. and then... NOTHING.

My sunny Figi vacation backdrop appeared, but nothing else, no start up bar, no desktop icons, nothing! Seriously? Hmm... So I shut down and try again... Nothing.

"I am Morgan's intense frustration!"

SO... What to do? I recently all but drained my savings account on car repairs, and I wasn't willing to dip into my photography account to pay for repairs or a new computer. Luckily my tax return is about 4x larger than I was expecting so in 8 days I will be the proud new owner of a brand new HP-PC!!!!

I'm thrilled!

Disclaimer: If you have photos on order or have recently had a session with me, not to worry, I backup everything to my External Hard drive, jump-disks, and CDRW's! Your pictures are safe. Also all estimated delivery dates will remain the same, I'm just going to be one very busy bee for the next few weeks!

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