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Real life is not this funny

Did you ever see the Friends episode where Phoebe decides she will be a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife??? Remember how she used to tell people "I'm having my brother's baby"? This made for great comedy, but in real life, this is not funny. It's kind of gross. Unless of course you're really doing your brother a favor cause he and his wife CAN NOT have kids.

Here's what I mean.

A certain family member of mine, I believe, is straight. She likes boys, however she's going through a "phase" where she has been in love with a girl (We'll call her Girl) for about 2 years. She swears she is not gay, but refers to her status as a (Insert girls name here)-bian. for example: a girl who is straight but currently dating a girl named Michelle might be a "Michelle-bian". Personally, I don't get it (If it walks like a duck...) but whatever. Well this certain Girl does is not in love with my family member in return and has strung her along for the last 2 years, but my desperate family member can not get over her. So what does she do???

She decided she wants to get pregnant with Girl's child!!! She wants Girl to donate an egg to inseminate her with.

Number 1. Are you aware what it takes to donate eggs? I am, I researched it. First the doctors put you on months of hormones so that instead of each ovary producing 1 egg every other month, both ovaries produce 1-2 eggs every month. (can you imagine the PMS?) Next it's not like donating sperm where you pee out your eggs, they have to be retrieved surgically!

Number 2. Did we mention where the sperm would come from? Well my cousin wants a baby with Girl, so she needs Genes from Girl, and Genes from herself, only she doesn't have sperm, so where does she get "her genes" from? OH SHE ASKED HER BROTHER TO DONATE!!!

Are you kidding me? This is my family. How is it that my parents produced the only normal children on that side of the tree????

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