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Spa "Staycation"

Today I had a long-awaited, well deserved day off. A day to do absolutely nothing. I had a hair appointment this morning (I knew my roots were bad when my boss commented on them), so I decided to make a Spa day out of it. Things were going well, until my lady finished my color. Her next client was there already and she asked if I would mind if she didn't blow dry me. I said no, because she never blow drys me, because she never schedules enough time for my appointment. However I didn't know she was basically kicking me out!!! I didn't even get to have my hair trimmed, and for blonds who know, 7 weeks without a trim is bad enough, but then to have highlights and not get rid of excess split ends?!?!?! It's practically unheard of. So... whatever, I figure, I'll do it myself. I didn't tip as well as I usually do...

I called the next salon to get my eyebrows waxed, and my normal girl wasn't working today. I was going to reschedule but found out she's out of town for a week. I look like a bushman. I can not wait a week. I've been letting my eyebrows grow because I'm going on a cruise in 3 weeks and was going to get all my waxing just before I leave, but my eyebrows NEEDED it today. So I went in and this little high-school looking girl is today's esthtetician.... She walked around like she owned the place, with her nose in the air. Already I decide I miss Ardeth. When we got into the room, she had Ricky Martin blasting, instead of soothing spa music that Ardeth plays. Are you kidding me? Ricky Martin??? She waxes, and the whole time comments on how much hair there is. PLEASE! They're eyebrows, it's not like there can really be THAT much. Now I don't like her, and I'm offended. When she finished she got up and left the room. No goodbye, no walking me to the counter, nothing! Seriously? And my eyebrows look like sperms!!!!

I came home and whipped out the tweezers and shaped them so they look decent. I couldn't go into public looking like that! Then I got out the squirt bottle and the hair scissors my mom has in the closet. And gave myself a trim. To top things off I put on a face mask. Who knew becoming beautiful takes so much work!!! Well when you have to do it all yourself anyway. So much for my relaxing Spa day.

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