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Cross your fingers tonight is better

I love my job. I think I've mentioned a time or two. However, on very few occasions I feel that the work isn't worth the money. For example, the months of March and April have been crazy. Everyone is taking vacation, so we are completely understaffed, and no one can even call in sick! Last night I pretty much got my @$$ handed to me on a silver platter! Normally I can handle about 10 tables. (In most restaurants 1 server only has a 3-6 table section). However last night I had 16 tables! By myself, and we were crazy busy. It was all I could to just to get people's food to the kitchen! If I had to grade myself on service I'd have to give myself a D! Even my poor little helper/busser was stressed to the max. I literally could not take on simple tasks, or even stop to talk to my tables because I just didn't have time! It was AWFUL! To make it worse, I had a table write me a note on their (paper) table cloth to let me know their thoughts!

I've only ever had 1 complaint before. My first day serving and I was covering 1/2 the restaurant the patio, and the bar by myself.... But last night killed me! They basically said "the service was awful", but followed it up by saying "our waitress was very friendly and had a great attitude, but we knew she was juggling more than she could handle" after complaining about the "kitchen process" they followed it up with "make it work". To top it off they still tipped me 25%!!!! What?!?!?! I couldn't in good faith take the tip since they didn't have a great experience, but that incident pretty much ruined my night, even though they realized I WAS doing all I could.

So to make it better, I came home, and booked a cruise!!! I'm going on a 7 night Caribbean cruise in May, and I'm stoked!!! After everyone at work gets back from vacation, it's my turn! I need a vacation, at least a day off!

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