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Hello? Anyone?

Once again, I find myself absent from the blogging world.  Well not so much absent.  I'm on here everyday, reading through my blog roll, but I'm not posting.  Basically if Posting were a class, I'd flunk out for attendance issues...

I would love to be blogging, sometimes my head gets so full that I wish I had the time to let it all out.  I know everyone is busy, but to be honest, after staring at a computer for 40 hours a week, I don't hardly even look at my home computer any more, let alone sit down and type...

I know I'll want my story someday, but   I just can't find the time to get it all out.  Currently, a typical weekday for me goes like this:

6:00 am     Wake up
6:05 am     Work out
7:00 am     Shower & Get Ready
8:00 am     Work
12:00 pm   Eat Lunch
1:00 pm     Work some more
5:00 pm     Study
7:00 pm     Either study more  or Church Commitments (twice a week)
8:30 pm     Eat Dinner
9:00 pm     Decide I'm too tired to study
9:30 pm     Pass out- Usually without taking my make-up off

And Saturdays look like this:
8:00 am     Wake up
9:00 am     Work (make-up time for any tests, quizzes that week)
12:00 am   Study
6:30 pm     Shower
7:30 pm     Family/friend/date time/eat dinner
10:00 pm   Pass out

It's not good. I have written a few posts over the last few months, and hopefully I can find time to balance all of my daily goings on to get back into the swing of things. There has been A LOT (to say the least) going on in MissPrissMorgan Land, and I'm so excited to share.

Maybe I'll do a weeks worth of blog posts on Sundays and just schedule them to run throughout the week...

Yea, that's a great idea.

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