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99 Cents For a Reason

Today BF had a day off… {Trumpets sound and angels sing Handel’s Hallelujah!} We had a few errands to run but I felt like I couldn’t stand up let alone run errands! I had had a horrible migraine all morning.

BF had to go to Quest Diagnostics and get some blood work done so I decided to run next door to the 99¢ store and pick up some medicine. I’ve never been into a store like this and was AMAZED to see that everything really was only 99¢!!!

I bought Aspirin and a Gatorade and it only cost $1.98… They didn’t even add tax. AMAZING! Anyway Aspirin doesn’t usually work on my headaches {I need Excedrin} so I took 3 and met BF at Quest.

After about 40 minutes we were done and able to leave, but I STILL had my headache… Seriously? BF suggested I take another pill but I was worried about taking too many so I read the directions on the back of the bottle.

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Hmm... Maybe I'll just take ONE Excedrine when I get home.

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