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I'll Pencil You In

Recently date nights have been few and far between. The BF and I love to go out. We’re both total food snobs and love experiencing new things, but with today’s economy he has only one day-off a week and I’ve got school 5 days a week. We try to do as much as we can when we do have a date night. Every time one of us thinks of a new restaurant or movie or other fun activity we’d like to try we add it to our “date calendar”. Consequently we have our dates planned out months in advance. For example:

BF: “I heard of this new restaurant I’d like to try, and we still have to see that awesome movie.”

Me: “Sounds great!

BF: “When can we fit that in?” {He asks because I keep a very detailed day planner, color coded and everything.}

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Me: "Well, this coming week we’re having dinner with your parents; we haven’t seen them since the cabin trip. Next week my family is in town so we were going to go to family dinner at my grandparent’s house… Oh and the following week, we told Scott we’d go to dinner with him since he’s got that friend who’s comping the entire bill… Let’s see, how about December 15??”

This is seriously how date planning goes for us. One day-off a week is just not enough!!!

What's your favorite thing to do on date night?

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