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A Letter of Encouragement

I've been feeling pretty bad... Well, that's an understatement.  I'm a mess.  Colby sent me a letter today, and I thought I'd post it because often times, people go through hard times, and need a little encouragement.  If you need encouragement, please read on:

Hi Fweetie,

I just said a prayer and I'm fasting for you.  Keep your head up, you'll get through this.  I know it's hard, but take it from me, it hurts now but it's so much better that you [were honest] rather than stringing Thomas along when you knew the relationship would no longer progress.  Allow yourself to grieve, sadness is part of moving on, and an integral part of it.  You can't move on without experiencing the sadness that comes along with heartbreak.  Take a couple of days (at least) to really grieve, mope, and cry, and then get "outside" ass soon as possible so that you aren't consumed by the sadness.  If you feel your decision was right, then it was right for both of you, even if neither of you can see it now. 

It was a hard decision, but you were very brave for making it.  Most people would continue on, playing with someone else's heart to appease their own.  Most people would try to have their cake and eat it too.  While you both greive, you need to cut ties, and not go back and fourth contacting each other.  I know you think that is the worst thing you could do, but it's Hell having someone you love keep you around (whether maliciously or sincerely) to ease the pain when they know you won't be together again.  That's a pain I wouldn't wish on Obama.  You have to "rip off the band aid" quickly.  Because you care for him, I promise it's best to just let him go.  I know you loved Thomas and still do, you probably always will.  He is a great guy but Heavenly Father has something else in store for both Thomas and you, and together, neither of you could be your happiest (even if it felt like you were your happiest together).  One day, you will both find a level happiness you can not comprehend, I promise.  It's just not meant to be right now, but it will happen in time.

I am here for you anytime, and will do anything I can for you.  I love you.  Maybe later we can play Wii, watch chick flicks and eat ice cream? 

I am so glad to have loving and supportive friends and family right now. 

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