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A good first impression

One night we were talking about he and I met.  Originally we decided that we met after an institute class, and that I was a snob.  As previously explained I didn't intend to be, I was just busy coordinating everything.  I'm sure I introduced myself, shook hands, exchanged how-are-you's and then ran off to deal with the refreshments.  He says snob, I say "very busy and important."

But when the topic came up again the other night, I remembered a key detail.  I remembered that the night at institute was not our first time meeting.  I remembered after that institute class we met, shook hands and I said, "Oh, I think we've met before, but I'm sorry I don't remember your name..."  It's strange I would say that to someone I was just meeting for the first time.

We thought about it some and then he tried to remember moving to Las Vegas, and a few of his very first friends here.  I asked him, "who was the first person you met in the ward?"  He started by saying, "John..." (the friend who helped him move in), but then something triggered his memory.  '... Actually, you know what?  That's not true, I met a girl before that..."

He told me about how he had come to Las Vegas to scope out his new ward, about a week before actually moving here.  He didn't know anyone but knew he should at least introduce himself to the Bishop.  After sacrament meeting, he leaned forward and asked the girl sitting in front of him, "Which one of those men is the Bishop?  The one who is asleep?"

Just then, my memory was sparked and I finished his story for him, "Yes.  He's an OBGYN and is on call 24/7, this is really the only time he has to sleep.  By the way I'm Morgan, nice to meet you." {Shake hands, and conversation continues with me giving him information on the new member meeting & candy in the bishop's office.}

"That was you?!"  We said in unison, half excited half confused.  I felt like I had just been struck by lightning.  I vividly remember the conversation, I even remember what he was wearing, but I couldn't remember his face, I still can't.  It turns out I was the first friend he had made in Las Vegas, I guess I'm not such a snob after all.

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