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Motion Sickness

Have I ever mentioned that I suffer from motion sickness? Dramamine non-drowsy formula is one of my very best friends. We do everything together, airplane rides, road trips, roller coasters. The only time he ever stood me up was when one of my very best friends got his pilot's license and took me up for a ride. There were lots of zero gravity tricks, and I may have vomited on the pilot... more than once. The details escape me. Needless to say, it didn't go so well.

While I know most of my motion-sick triggers, I never would have guessed that Pinterest would be one of them! Yes, Pinterest, the iPhone app to be exact. Sometimes too much of a good thing really is too much. Yesterday, whilst enjoying the spring sunshine, I was scrolling through all of the beautiful images until I was so overly stimulated I felt like my brain might explode! But that didn't stop me. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Uh oh!

Suddenly the nausea kicked in, and I knew I was done for! It was so bad, I actually had to leave work! Kids, be careful while digitally stimulating yourself... And don't forget your Dramamine!

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