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Murder Mystery

I'm still a little behind in documenting the "current events" happening in MissPrissMorgan Land.  Better late than never right?! 

Gibber-Snibbs has been an official missionary for about 1 ½ months.  Before he left, two of our friends, Spencer and Laura, planed an uh.may.zing going away party for him in the form of a Murder Mystery Party!  We met at Mystery Adventures and after filling out some paperwork, were given our dossiers.  Dossier is a fancy French word meaning "file containing records of a person or event," it's also really fun to say.  In it we learned of the murder of a man.  We were given background information on potential suspects, and learned a little history about a certain voo doo mask with magical powers.

It was then time to jump on the party bus and head out to do some very important investigatory work!  It's a good thing I watch Law & Order SVU, and Criminal Minds, I felt extremely prepared to play along! 

Our first stop was the office building of paranormal investigators.  There were all kinds of video clues, and pictures we needed to observe, but lets be honest, I was more interested in tearing the place apart to find evidence and "crystal balls."  Once we had done all possible damage at the office, we found another address, and decided to go there.  This led us to the house of a voo doo witch lady, and it was the coolest house ever!  There was a book case that opened up into a dungeon!  We found chains, cages, jars of blood, and the names of previous and future victims posted on the wall... One of them said "Morgan Green!" Yikes! 

After more ransacking and key finding, we were finally able to get into the torture chamber, find the voo doo mask and solve the mystery!  We even earned promotions to Inspector!

Problem solving and clue puzzling made us all very hungry, so we went to dinner at a Thai restaurant.  Everyone had such a great evening, and I know Griff really enjoyed his send off!

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