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The High Road

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received after a breakup  was to "be kind."  Sometimes when things go south, feelings are hurt and it's easy to say mean things about the other person.  It's not easy to remember that they are a child of God and are doing the best with what they've been given.  Sometimes, it's not easy to be kind.

In the last year or so, I decided that if I were to die tomorrow, I want people to be able to describe me as "kind."  I constantly make an effort to avoid gossip, and insults, and to always see the good in people, even when they may not deserve it.  I feel like this has made me a better person.  This past week I've been in a total funk.  With all of the things currently going on in my personal life, I have become a target of extreme negativity. 

When I've been asked about my recent breakup, I usually comment with, "he's a great guy, but we just didn't work out." End of story.  There's no need for details, it's not really anyone's business.  However, I have been dealing with unkind things being said about me.  Things that are not true are being said by people who have never met me, and don't' know a fraction of the situation.  It's hard to try to take the high road and "ignore" the name calling, the accusations and the judgments.  It's hard to not let it affect me.

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