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A Scandal

Scandal (n): disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people.
After a break up, is there a certain time period for "grieving?"  I've had bad breakups, you know the kind.  The kind that left me dead inside, the kind that made me not want to date for years...  I've also had really good breakups, the kind that made me excited to see what else is out there and give it the old college try.
I like dating. I always have.  However, after a big-deal breakup like calling off a wedding, how long do you wait to jump back into the dating pool?  I'm surprised that I've already been asked out a few times in the last two days.  I haven't even begun to tell people {minus you bloggy readers} about this, but somehow they just know.
We didn't date very long, and while things got serious, I find myself stuck between ready to move forward with my life and not wanting to cause a "scandal."
I've decided to take the "give 'em something to talk about" approach.

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