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Happy Birthday Gibber-Snibbs

My little brother turned 21 yesterday!  I can't believe he's getting so big.  I remember the day he came home from the hospital, how much I instantly fell in love with him, and the idea of being a big sister.  Being a big sister meant that I had someone to look out for, someone to play with, and someone to dress up!

I love that as we get older, our relationship has changed from that of brother/sister to that of friends.  I have so enjoyed this "little" guy.  I loved his prayers when he was little (we still tease him about how he used to say them), and his dolphin laugh.  I love that he doesn't mind when I call him Gibber-Snibbs in front of his friends, I love his random-off-the-wall conversation starters, I love just hanging out with him, I love how he quickly and casually says, "Love ya Morg," at random times, I love how he let's me call him "Debbie" because he was downgraded from "Nancy," and most of all, I love how he always has my back.

Griffin, the "single triplet," I love you so much, and am so glad you're my little brother!

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