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Scenes From the Weekend

 Big M has a lung infection.  I made fun of her when she was taking her medication, declaring "It's not marijuana, it's salvia!"

  I visited the Las Vegas Springs Preserve for the first time.  I liked it so much I signed up to be a volunteer.  If you haven't been yet, GO!

♥  Have you ever seen Iceberg Roses?  They are white roses that grow on a bush, not a vine.  They grow in clusters, and are gorgeous!

  Speaking of roses, I bought a bunch of red Carpet Roses for my front yard.  They are much smaller than typical roses, and grow outwards, covering the floor like a carpet.  I nearly died I got so excited, they are so beautiful.

  My compost is coming along nicely.  Would you believe that not even a month ago, this black dirt was actually all of my kitchen's organic garbage as well as some lawn and shrub clippings?  Every time I walk by my giagantor compost bin, I expect it to smell like what it is... rotting garbage.  But it doesn't!  It smells like lush potting soil!  Us Las Vegans don't get to smell that smell, our natural soil is just desert rock...  I take every opportunity to get a big whiff when I'm watering and mixing it!

  I was craving chocolate so I made some cupcakes.  Note to self, store bought cupcakes do not taste like the chocolate in Grandma's Surprise Cupcakes.  Note to self #2, next time, check the expiration date on the frosting before putting on all 36 cupcakes.

  I finally finished my garden bed!  I added another 6" of redwood, attached the poles (for the shade covering) and filled it with 50% soil and 50% compost!  Ev ordered me some mycorrhizae (if you don't use this in your garden, get some ASAP, it's amazing).  I also purchased some Rock Dust Minerals, and now I am ready to get my veggies in the ground!
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