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My Mom is the Best

Most moms get one day to celebrate how great they are.  This past weekend, my mom got two.  This is proof that she is the best mom in the world!  Not only was Sunday Mother's Day, but Monday was my Mom's birthday.  I would just like to give a little shout out to my mom.

Thank you for sewing buttons on my clothes, making me dinner almost every night, taking care of me when I'm sick, holding me when I cry, giving me good-I-need-to-hear-it-even-if-don't-want-to advice, being a good example, demonstrating faith no matter how many obstacles you encounter, never-ending selflessness, telling me to have a good day every morning when I leave for work even when you're still in bed, my "I love you" text messages every morning, wishing me luck before every exam, praying for my happiness, letting me borrow your shoes, all you have taught me, doing my laundry, helping me plant my garden, always being honest, cleaning my room for me, cleaning my bathroom for me, always thinking positively, making family your number one priority, helping me with homework, being supportive of all of my endeavors, and so much more.  I love you mom, more than words can express.

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother."
~ Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Thanks for your posts!

    I comment a lot but I noticed recently you said something about posting elsewhere as it isn't showing up on the main page?

    Either way ....I love your blog and your hair tutorials !!
    Thanks Morgan xx

  2. @audiecork
    Hi! Thanks so much! I don't know what happened, but somewhere along the formatting of this blog I entered a wrong code and so my comments are a little screwey. I've notice that if you're just on the MissPrissMorgan homepage (which shows numerous posts) you can leave a comment on posts. However, if you click on the title of a post, or open an individual post, you can comment that way. I'm still not sure why...


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