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MissPriss Beauty Poll | May 20, 2011

1. Mood:  Energized & a little disappointed!  There is one good thing about not eating solid food for four days...  The finally getting to eat real food euphoria that follows!  However, I don't get to revel in the euphoria for too long, seeing as the world is ending tomorrow {rubbish I say!}.

2. One great thing about getting older?  Being comfortable in my own skin.  I no longer feel self conscious next to the pretty girls at school.  I like just being me.  I don't feel the need to fit into a specific clique, because I can be friends with everyone.  I wear whatever I want to because I don't feel peer pressure to dress a certain way, or wear a certain brand of clothing only royalty can afford.

3. What color do you use most in your eye makeup and why? I use mostly neutrals as far as eyeshadow is concerned.  Sometimes I might get crazy and throw a light pink in the mix...  I mostly wear dark brown eyeliner cause black is kind of harsh.  And I always wear the blackest black mascara I can find.  As far as lips and cheeks go, I usually wear pinks.

4. What’s one thing your mom was right about?  Uhhh, besides everything?  Well, to name a few: I did get over that boy, and he wasn't the right one for me, I do need lipstick in order to not look washed out, If I go out into public without getting ready I will see people I know, a clean house is a happy house...

5. What’s your favorite book series?  I don't read a lot for pleasure... unless you count the fascinating series about Biochemistry I've been going over the past year...

6. Your last sweet treat?  Fudge.  My grandma makes really good fudge, and gave some to Gibbs for his birthday... I keep sneaking it... shh, don't tell him!

7. Do you collect anything?  I collect vintage cameras.  I started with a few super old ones I bought on e-bay and at thrift stores.  Then, one day, my grandpa sent me three big boxes in the mail... It turns out, he collected vintage cameras too, and he gave them all to me!  I love my grandpa.

8. Seersucker clothing — yea or nay?  I don't know what this is... but anything that has to do with sucking and clothing seems to me like a bad idea.  Like swimming in a t-shirt, just don't do it.

9. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks: MAC Shroom, Soft Brown, Soba & Espresso (my favorite combination), with Urban Decay Corupt Eyeliner and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara.  Cheeks and Lips are Benefit Benetint with chapstick.

10. Weekly goals:  Work on my tan!  It's summer break and I plan on spending this entire weekend out by the pool!  I went to the grocery store and got some non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and pina colada mixes...  It should be a good time, and hopefully I won't burn.

It's Friday!  And yes, I'm feeling much better as of yesterday evening.  I've been following Dr.'s orders since Monday afternoon, only laxatives and clear liquids (which to me mean, water, Gatorade, Popsicles and Jell-o), and to be honest, it wasn't bad (well, it was kind of bad). Because of the infection, I wasn't hungry at all, it was more of a psychological "I should eat" sort of thing, but even then, the thought of food made me nauseous.

I realized I was better when, last night my mom offered to make me a tuna fish sandwich on sprouted 7-grain bread, and I said, "yea, that sounds really good actually."  I only hate about 1/4 of it, and I ate slowly, but I was able to keep it all down! 

Thank goodness I'm on the mend! Anyway, any fun weekend plans?  Besides hitting the pool, I'm seeing Pirates of the Caribbean tonight!  Yes, we are a little nuts to want to be out in the mêlée of people, but it should be a good time!

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2. One great thing about getting older?
3. What color do you use most in your eye makeup and why?
4. What’s one thing your mom was right about?
5. What’s your favorite book series?
6. Your last sweet treat?
7. Do you collect anything?
8. Seersucker clothing — yea or nay?
9. Your go-to eye cream?
10. Weekly goals:

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better!
    LOL @ your seersucker answer hahah! Its actually kind of cute its like wrinkly striped material, I think, hah?.
    Have a great day!


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