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A few years ago, I went in for an interview with my Bishop.  No, it wasn't that kind of interview, I wasn't "in trouble," it was the how's.your.life.going kind of interview.  After talking for about 30 minutes, he basically told me that my "life balance sucks."

"Morgan, imagine you're a waitress holding a tray.  Now picture the different aspects of your life like glasses on that tray.  Part of having life balance means you can put all of the glasses on your tray, and organize them in such a way that you won't drop anything.... In your life right now, you dont' even have all the glasses...  You've got school, you go to church and have good family relationships, but what about dating? Or career? Or friends? Or finances?  Or your own home? Or personal improvement and hobbies?"


I said I'd work on it, but I never really did.  I'm really good at substituting one aspect of life for another, but I've never actually tried to achieve "life balance," and I often wonder how in the world people do.

Lately, I've been really stressing about school.  This coming semester I am enrolled as a full time student (14 credits);  it will be the first time I've tried going to school full time while being employed full time.  I know it will be tough and I'll be tired all the time, but I think I can do it, even with everyone else telling me I can't.

I know I can do school and work, but what about everything else?  Where am I supposed to find time to date?  Or play with friends?  Or exercise?  Or garden?  Or keep up with my budget? Or anything else I normally like to do? 

Any tips on achieving life balance?

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