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To the Maxi

I love maxi dresses.  I have close to 12 of them...  While I love the summer time frock, I hate that they are ALWAYS sleeveless!  What about us girls who practice the "Modest is Hottest" standard of dress?  I rarely ever buy sleeveless articles of clothing, and I HATE how the white.t-shirt.layered.under.spaghetti.straps look.  If you can't wear as is, just don't buy it, that's my philosophy (please save tomato throwing until after this post). 

Imagine my excitement when I found a maxi dress with sleeves!  Yes my religious ladies, sleeves!  It was only about $20.00 at Forever 21 and so I bought it on an "I have to hurry and buy everything I can before my Spending Fast starts on July 1" binge.

I love how light and airy the fabric is, how comfortable it is (like work-approved-pajamas), and I like the summery tribal pattern!  I also like that I can wear turquoise eyeliner to match!  This really is my new love.  I'm determined to learn to sew, so I can make a few more of these babies, because they're that amazing... even if a co-worker did, tell me that I looked like a Wiccan.  Thanks.

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