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Weekend To-Do List

  1. Girls night with bestie Natalie
  2. Go to the Temple
  3. Find camera's battery charger
  4. Charge camera's batteries with said charger
  5. Practice photo session
  6. Go on a date Smiley
  7. Attempt to make a lace pencil skirt
  8. Insanity once and P90X legs once
  9. Choose colors for a basket weave afghan
  10. Take pictures of my garden & update my garden blog
  11. Plant fall crops: lettuce, spinach, peas & potatoes
  12. Go to Church
  13. Start a new book... I'm thinking either 1776 or The Alchemist...
  14. Break Spending Fast and buy jeans that fit!  This pants.on.the.ground with every step I take thing doesn't work.  Darn it.
  15. Catch up on the BoM reading challenge
  16. Relax

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