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A Big Thank You

I just have to give a shout out to all of the readers of this blog!  I am so appreciative of all of the e-mails I have gotten over the last few months from my friends.  Yes, even though we may not know each other in real life, you are all my friends.  I have experienced heartbreak before, and it's never easy, but because of it I know that I am much more able to sympathize with others in the same situation.  While I don't want struggles in my life, I am thankful for the opportunities to be humbled by them.

The last few months have been a little rough, but I am doing much better.  I have spent so much time praying and am shocked at how fast the Lord truly can heal a broken heart.  I know that he died not only so that our sins might be forgiven, but the Atonement of Jesus is all encompassing.  It covers every sadness we feel, every pain we experience, in short, every negative emotion we encounter in this earthly life; he knows how to heal us because he felt it all first.

I know I made the right decision, and am almost overwhelmed by the blessings I have experienced in the last few weeks.  I have met so many new people who have been a source of happiness to me and I can honestly say, "Life is good."  For a while I felt "stuck" and was unsure about my future, and I feel like I can begin to move forward now.  It's a very calming feeling.

Thank you all again for your words of encouragement and you support and your friendships!  I hope to get back to blogging regularly to keep you entertained.

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