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The end is in sight

On this bloggy blog, I have often complained about talked about the struggle I've had going to school because of finances.  I've technically completed 4 years of college, but it has taken me almost 8 years to do so.  After maxing out credit cards trying to pay for school, I tried another approach.  Typically I would work for a semester, then go to school for a semester thus prolonging the process. 

I've often wished for wealthy parents.  I've longed for the day when I'll find a bag of money on the street, but most of all I've dreamed about the day that I finish and can move on. 

Because of finances, I have never been able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Graduating has just seemed too far away with all of the setbacks.  After visiting with my academic advisor this afternoon, I found out that I'm in much better shape than I originally thought! 

I'm currently enrolled to take 14 credits this Fall, which is a lot, but these classes are only offered in the Fall.  Then, I need to take 5 credits in the Spring, and then I'll be done!  Hooray!

The end is in sight.
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