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Blue Christmas

Nobody ought to be alone on Christmas...

Which is strange, because doesn't the break-up rate increase by like 60% or something just before Christmas?  I remember in high school everyone got dumped just after Thanksgiving so that their former-other-halves didn't have to buy them a present.  It's cruel, but hey, it is an amazingly-shameless-money-saving-trick.

I'm not sure how quickly the word has spread, but today I read over at Glamour.com that Ryan Reynolds & wifey-poo Scarlet Johansen have called it quits after just 2 years of marriage!  Apparently, the long distance thing was too much for her to handle.  Seriously?  If I were married to Ryan he could move to Mars, and I'd deal with it, as long as he sent me some space rocks every-so-often.

In other couples-call-it-quits news, and not that I necessarily care, but I know a lot of other ladies will be interested to know that Zac Effron has also split from GF since 2005, Vanessa Hudgens.  Apparently, he broke it off by phone and was sure to mention that, "there is no third party involved."

I think we all know the real truth.  These people are tired of buying ridiculously expensive Christmas gifts for each other.

This sad turn of events leaves their women singing, "I'll have a blue Christmas without you," and leaves this woman saying, "Ladies, let the battles begin!"

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