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Gingerbread house

The other day, I was at Michaels picking up a little something to wrap for someone's Christmas present...  While waiting in line, I spotted a Gingerbread House Kit!  Believe it or not in my 25+2 years on this planet, I have never made a Gingerbread House... unless I count the "milk-carton-graham-cracker" houses I made in the 2nd grade... which I won't.  Anyway, BF and I decided to make it last night.

Yummy frosting!

We began by mixing the icing, and what a mess that was!  The directions said, add five tablespoons of water and mix until "toothpaste consistancy."  We did that, but we noticed the icing set SO FAST!  It was getting hard and after a while we weren't able to work with it.  We had to keep adding water and re-mixing just to get the house put together.  Since we had to wait for the "structure" to set overnight, we decided to trash the icing and buy the "easy-to-use-grocery-store-stuff" today.

Horray!  It stands on its own!

I went to the store and grabbed some more candy, and we decorated our little house!  My grandma kept saying, "What a mess, I bet you won't want to do it again next year," or "I'll bet you wish you hadn't gotten started."  Quite the contrary, we were having a blast! 

After about two full hours we had to stop, and clear the table for dinner.  I'm so pleased with how our first Gingerbread house turned out, and I can't wait to eat it!

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