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MissPriss Beauty Poll | December 20, 2010

1. Mood: A little tired.  I watched a scary movie last night, by myself, and now I remember why I don't EVER watch movies dealing with aliens or Satan/Possession/Demons.  I didn't sleep a wink, and yet I'm in a great mood!  Not only am I done Christmas shopping, but now the fun of wrapping begins!  I realize that I should have a total "Case of the Mondays," especially since I'm anxiously awaiting a visit from Santa, but today is my Friday, so I'm looking forward to a week off of work to have fun and relax!

2. What’s your favorite winter comfort food?  Bread bowls, or soup bowls, or soup in bread bowls, or whatever they're called.  I love buying those giant rolls, scooping out the insides, filling them with soup and eating every.last.bite.  There's no better TLC than soup, and carbs in the cold winter!

3. One small thing that always makes you happy?  The way BF's nieces greet me when we go over.  They can't.get.enough hugs and kisses.. it's a tough job, but I'm just the one to do it.  They are also overcome by an unknown medical phenomena where their legs stop working and they need me to carry them everywhere, even when just sitting down.  Strange, I had the same problem when I was young whenever my Grandpa was around...

4. Three beauty products that changed your life?

1.  Nars Sheer Matte Foundation, seriously this stuff is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  I have oily skin, so most foundations melt off my face within three hours, even with a primer, and setting spray.  This foundation is sheer, so it looks like my skin but better.  Whenever I wear it BF says, "see how much prettier you are without all that crap on your face." Muah ha ha! I fooled him!

2.  Benefit Eye Bright Pencil.  I've tried everything for my under-eye circles.  EVERYTHING.  No concealer on it's own will do.  However I've finally found my perfect combination:  Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Peach, TheBalm Time Balm concealer, Benefit's Eye Bright Pencil, all topped with Benefit's Powderflage.  I know that's a lot, but it works... and trust me, without the EyeBright, it's just sort of OK.

3.  Birth control pills.  A few years ago I considered getting married, so I started taking them.  I've always had HORRIBLE oily, acne prone skin, it really was awful, and nothing seemed to keep my acne away.  Even the effects of three rounds of Accutane didn't last long.  Almost a month after I started taking birth control pills, my skin was beautiful!  I still get breakouts every now and again, but they are my little miracle pill.

5. Khaki cargo pants: fashionable or faux pas?  I don't wear khaki-regular-pants, or cargo pants for that matter, so I'm gonna say "not for me."

6. Favorite lip balm?  Lately I love Softlips, my lips are so soft and not flaky like they get with Burt's bees.

7. How do you sign off on your emails? I don't sign off on my personal e-mails, because everyone knows knows my screen name, so they know they're from me, but I do have a signature that says "Everything I say is fascinating."  At work, my signature is my name, and my company info.

8. Your purse: messy or organized?  So messy right now, and so heavy! I honestly don't know what's in there, but I'd say it weighs close to 20 lbs. I have made it a task to clean it out tonight.

9. Today’s outfit? Today, since my office is observing "casual dress" all week, I decided to take FULL advantage.  I'm wearing jeans, a grey tank top and a lime green Abercrombie hoodie with black chucks.  My hair is in a ponytail and it only took me fifteen minutes to get ready this morning. 

10. Weekly goals: Enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is finished or close to finished with their shopping and able to just enjoy themselves this week!  I've got a lot planned.  I've got a last minute Holiday Photo Session tomorrow, which I'm SO excited about, Wednesday and Thursday I'm going snowboarding, and then... SANTA {I know him!}!  Have a great week!

PS.  Kendra, I can't read your blog!  I've been trying to congratulate you on your bun-in-the-oven for weeks, but every time I open your blog page I get the following message:

...and then the Internet closes!  I'm not sure, but I think there's something amiss with the template coding...  Anyway, Congratulations!  I'm so excited for you both!!!

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2. What’s your favorite winter comfort food?
3. One small thing that always makes you happy?
4. Three beauty products that changed your life?
5. Khaki cargo pants: fashionable or faux pas?
6. Favorite lip balm?
7. How do you sign off on your emails?
8. Your purse: messy or organized?
9. Today’s outfit?
10. Weekly goals:

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  1. haha!! Thank you so much we are very excited! I will look into this.


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