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OK.  Now go back and read the title of this post in the ways of Jimmy J.J. Walker from Good Times.

Lately there has been a bunch of hullaballoo about the new X-Ray scanners popping up in airports all over the world.  These new scanners would make anyone who wasted their money on a pair of novelty x-ray specs green with envy. 

This morning while I was enjoying my potato bagel with whipped cream cheese, and Cranberry Pomegranete Green Tea, I heard something shocking on my radio morning show.  Women with their "monthly gift" are experiencing troubles going through these scanners!  Apparently, a tampon on the scanner can not be distinguished between what it is and a stick of dynomite!  The airport security guards are supposed to "use discression" and take these women aside for "further inspection."  Translation: escort them to the restroom to remove said tampon before being scanned again!

I couldn't believe it.  How embarrassing that must be... but I guess a large sign warning, "Please remove your tampon, " would make more flight-ready patrons more uncomfortable.  Well, I guess the old addage is true, "Kill one, save a thousdand."

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  1. I think I am just traumatized from the fact that the TSA is on alert for sticks of dynomite stored in womens' areas!!! Terrorists really are from a different make, eek!

  2. This is ridiculous!!! Thank heavens I am not planning on flying anytime soon. How awfully awkward.


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