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Miss Priss Beauty Poll December 11, 2010

1. Mood:  It's the weekend!  I couldn't be happier!  For some reason, between studying for finals, taking my finals and anxiously awaiting my work's Christmas party, I didn't get much sleep this week.  I'm still a little tired today because I had an early-bird dentist appointment, and then had to go in and work overtime! {Overtime on a Saturday?!?  Wah wah wah} It was good though, I got a lot done.

2. What was your best vacation ever?  Not necessarily my "best" but my favorite vacation was a fifteen day trip to Southern California with my family a few years ago.  Evan was still on his mission, so he missed out, but the rest of us had a great time!  California isn't super exciting, but we did a lot of fun things like Disneyland, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, California Adventure, Sea World, and then spent the rest of our days at beach.  It was the last "Family Vacation" we had before my parents got divorced, so I will always cherish those memories.

3. Are you a chocoholic?That's an understatement.  I didn't realize how bad it was until the other day.  I was complaining to BF that I've gained almost eleven pounds since this summer, he pointed out that my eating an entire pan of brownies every week isn't helping. Ha ha

4. Do you have a nickname?  Why yes, yes I doMorg (Brothers) , Missy (Mom),  Missy-Mo (Mom), Morg-anza (Dad), Morg-a-lorg (Aunt), Miss Morgan (a lot of random people), Princess (BF's Dad dubbed me this because I'm kinda bossy... Grr)

5. Coffee or tea?  I used to be a coffee addict... but I gave it up about three months ago when my once-pearly-white-teeth were starting to resemble those Billy Bob teeth on sale at the Dollar Store.  Now I start every morning with apple juice or chocolate milk.

6. Do you do sequins?  Nope.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against sequence, I just don't own anything with sequence.  About a month ago I bought a black sequence mini skirt from Forever21 (apparently they are super in style).  I originally purchased the small, but it didn't even fully cover my butt cheeks... So I returned it for the Medium... and returned that one for the Large, and then quit.  Seriously, if a size Large, in anything, doesn't fit me, I'm clearly shopping at the wrong store.

7. Your favorite hat?  I have a ba-jillion hats.  I absolutely love wearing them.  The one I wear most often is my black Nike baseball cap; but my favorite is my brown flower cap!

8. Have you ever lied about your age?  Yes, great story on that to follow shortly!

9. What would you do with one free hour?  There are so many things I would do!  Can't I have a few free hours?  I would like to spend some extra time reading my scriptures, applying self tanner to my currently-pasty-white-British-skin, and giving myself a weekly mani/pedi.  Oh and I would study more, of course.

10. Weekly goals: I plan on taking it easy the rest of the weekend, and maybe finishing up my Christmas shopping next week.

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1. Mood:
2. What was your best vacation ever?
3. Are you a chocoholic?
4. Do you have a nickname?
5. Coffee or tea?
6. Do you do sequins?
7. Your favorite hat?
8. Have you ever lied about your age?
9. What would you do with one free hour?
10. Weekly goals:

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I spent the first week of December (December already?!? Geez!) finishing up a bunch of photography orders, and catching up on my Glee/Gossip Girl/Netflicks. 

Holy cow! Finals and this semester are over!!!  Where did the time go?  Last week, I survived on only about 2 hours of sleep each night, so when I got home from my work party yesterday afternoon, I took a nap... and didn't wake up until this morning! 

I have a lot to do this weekend, namely cleaning my room.  I bought about 50 hangers, because I haven't had enough for about 2 months, and I'm over trying to find anything to wear in a big pile-o-junk.  I just got done with Saturday-overtime, and now should I clean, study, or watch Eclipse (I just bought the new DVD!)??

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