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Fweetie recently moved back to Salt Lake City.  To keep from getting too lonely, he adopted a puppy.   Brock the Boxer = Broxer!  Colby has been in contact with a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and has another puppy, Chale, on order.   He has been so excited for months for little Chale to come home and be his buddy.  However, when Colb heard that Brock had been badly abused by his previous owner, he couldn't help but instantly adopt the 10 week old puppy and he couldn't have found a better master!  Colby has always wanted his very own dog, and he's had a couple in his life.  He has so much love to give, and this little guy was sure in need of some TLC.  Brock L♥VEs Colby and gets so excited when he gets from work because they get to play and go to the park.  We even talk to him via Skype so he knows some other "nice" people.  My whole family agrees that Brock is kind of ugly, which makes him so cute. He has sad puppy eyes and and an under bite!

Colby says that having a dog is a lot like "having a three year old," it's a lot of work and Brock gets in to everything, so he needs to be watched every single minute.  He has already tried to dig his way out of the bathroom when Colb is at work (he's almost dug a hole in the bathroom door), he likes to poop in the house just to see if Colby will get mad at him, and he chews on everything, but I've never seen Colby happier!  Welcome to the family Broxer!

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